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June 9

Open events starting at 5:30 PM Elite Events starting at 7:00 PM
3000m, 800m, Mile (Women) 800m,* open Mile (Men), 1500m, 3000m


Mother nature must have wanted to see some fast performances in Waltham because she blessed the J. Lee Gould track with comfortable temperatures, low humidity and almost no wind. An extraordinary assembly of athletes took advantage of the conditions to set new PRs and post qualifying performances for the national championships.
Fresh from a PR of 2:02.33 at the addidas Oregon Track Classic, Jen Toomey kicked off the evening's elite races with a stunning 2:02.88 effort.
Mark Carroll undertook a particularly interesting challenge, entering both the 1500m and 3000m with the full intention of running and winning both races. He expected 3:43 to be fast enough to win the first race in his double, but Justin Niedzialek (3:40.06), Adrian Blincoe (3:40.41), Paul McMullen (3:40.59), Clay Schwabe (3:41.62), Eric Nedeau (3:42.46), and Hamish Thorpe (3:43.57) had their own ambitions to fulfill. The qualifying time for the USATF championships is 3:41.80. Congratulations to Paul McMullen on his return to form. Exactly 21 minutes and 21 seconds after crossing the line in the 1500m, Carroll toed the line for the second time of the evening. Ably rabbited by Jeff Paterno for 1200m, Carroll took responsibility for the pace with Mulvey, Armitage and Dwyer covering. Amitage moved to the front at the bell with a strong move. Only Carroll could respond. Carroll regained the lead with 250m remaining and held a small margin over Armitage to the finish in 8:07.13.


Open events

3000m Men - 6:00 PM

Nephi Tyler Days Sports 8:46.82
Mark Mayall Reebok Boston 8:57.32
Dean Grusky Westchester Puma 10:03.28
Nephi Tyler leading Mark Mayall      

800m Women - 6:15 PM

  Leslie Gold BAA 5:12
Nicole Wilson BAA 2:23
Kim Mannen Central Park Track Club 2:26
Andrea Toland unattached 2:26

800m Men - 6:25 PM

Adam Zeisal unattached 1:58.83
Isaya Okwiya unattached 1:59.03
Conor O'Driscoll Westchester Puma 1:59.12
Eric Green GBTC 1:59.31
Andre Barnes Westchester Puma 2:00.10
George Hernandez Westchester Puma 2:02.70
Evan Zeisal unattached DNS
Close finish in the Men's Open 800m      

Elite events

800m Women - 7:00 PM

Rabbit: Yasheka Taylor

58 at 400m, Toomey stretches out the field...
Jennifer Toomey Reebok Boston 2:02.88
Jill Laurendeau Georgetown University 2:06.34
Katrina de Boer unattached 2:07.06
Christine Gentile NYAC 2:08.11
Caitlin Murphy Reebok Boston 2:09.18
Bridget Johnson Enclave 2:10.72
Shawn Feeney unattached 2:11.53
Vanessa Mazandi unattached 2:12.33
Sarah Isbitz unattached 2:14.35
Alana Jones Reebok Boston 2:15.84
Julian Reynolds unattached DNS

800m Men

Heat 2 - 7:10 PM

Jason Jabaut Villanova 1:50.76
Antoine Batiste Huntsville Track Club 1:51.57
Gbolahan Fatuga Reebok Boston 1:52.40
Joe Ciollo Reebok Boston 1:52.72
Christopher Simpson GBTC 1:53.42
Filip Jagodzinski NYAC 1:54.12
Jeff Paterno Reebok Boston 1:54.45
Brian Cunningham Fila 1:55.25
Jim Watson Westchester Puma 1:55.62
Jabut takes the first 800m section      

Heat 1 - 7:15 PM

Lubert Lewis powers to the finish
Lubert Lewis Syracuse Chargers Track Club 1:48.68
Elliot Blount unattached 1:50.69
Jeff Reinhardt unattached 1:50.73
Nick Gantt Army 1:51.27
Joe Moody Reebok Boston 1:51.50
Aaron Brinsko GBTC 1:52.30
Matt LoPiccolo Syracuse Chargers Track Club 1:53.08
Ky Adderley Shore A.C. 1:53.28
Trevor Sykes unattached 1:54.36
Derrick Jackson Athenian Athletics DNS

Open Mile Men - 7:25 PM

Kyle Bernhardy between the heads of a growing number of spectators
Kyle Bernhardy Reebok Boston 4:29.02
Erik Goetze Central Park Track Club 4:29.97
Brian Moody MVS 4:30.54
Matt Pimentel MVS 4:32.45
Steve Sipe Central Park Track Club 4:35.55
Conor O'Driscoll Westchester Puma 4:39.25
Chris Voce Reebok Boston 4:40.27
Eric Marenburg MVS 4:46.39
Daniel Senecal GBTC 4:49.63
Mark Garcia unattached 4:52.32
Michael Mahoney unattached 4:52.59
Dean Grusky Westchester Puma 5:08.64
Greg MacGowan GBTC DNS
Isaya Okwiya unattached DNS
George Hernandez Westchester Puma DNS
Pat Callahan Reebok Boston DNS

1500m Women - 7:35 PM

Rabbit: Jen Toomey

(Right to left) Toomey (rabbit), Autumn Fogg, Rebecca Donahue (310), winner Sarah Dupre, Marie McMahon Davenport (339)
Sarah Dupre BAA 4:20.48
Marie McMahon Davenport New Balance 4:21.95
Autumn Fogg Georgetown University 4:23.06
Rebecca Donahue Reebok Boston 4:23.14
Nadine Marks Saucony 4:24.28
Naoko Ishibe Moving Comfort 4:29.06
Julieanne Lippman Westchester Puma 4:30.86
Sara Hallman Chicago Track Club 4:34.39
Maura Schneider Cambridge Running Club 4:37.12
Annemarie Van Parys Brown University 4:37.69
Christy Mae Martin BAA 4:41.08
Devon Joan Sargent Central Park Track Club 4:50.56
Alyssa Tingle unattached 4:52.03
Gretchen Overholtzer unattached 5:05.71
Kim Certain Fleet Feet Elite DNS
Amy Lyman BAA DNS
Suzy Walsh BAA DNS

1500m Men

Rabbits: Gbolahan Fatuga, Joe Ciollo, & Joe Moody

Heat 2 - 7:45 PM

  Jason Bernstein Haverford College 3:49.31
Nick Conway Willow AC 3:52.59
Mike DiGennaro unattached 3:52.94
Habib Salah Algeria 3:54.62
Amerivo Rossi NYAC 3:56.36
Dan McGinn unattatched 3:56.37
Sean Conway unattatched 3:58.96
Geoff Getz Greater Lowell Striders 4:03.97
Mark Miller Keene State 4:05.19
John Hinton Fleet Feet Elite DNS

Heat 1 - 7:55 PM

Carroll wins the first half of his double, leading the next four athletes to U.S. national qualifying marks
Mark Carroll Nike 3:39.70
Justin Niedzialek BAA 3:40.06
Adrian Blincoe unattached 3:40.41
Paul McMullen Saucony Track Club 3:40.59
Clay Schwabe Army 3:41.62
Eric Nedeau New Balance 3:42.46
Hamish Thorpe unattached 3:43.57
Brian Baker New Balance 3:44.28
Dan Wilson unattatched 3:52.36
Desmond English Westchester Puma 3:55.73

3000m Women - 8:05 PM

Rabbit: Alana Jones

Rachel Sauder New Balance 9:10.70
Kathryn Casserly unattached 9:40.51
Petrova Staskova Mizuno 9:40.96
Seana Carmean GLRR 9:41.77
Diana Bowser BAA 9:42.16
Orla O. Mahoney Ireland 9:48.54
Claire Shearman unattached 10:06.24
Rebecca Stallwood West Virginia University DNS
Rachael Sauder posts a convincing win      

3000m Men - 8:20 PM

Rabbit: Jeff Paterno

Carroll wins the double after a last-lap challenge by Marshall Armitage
Mark Carroll Nike 8:07.13
Marshall Armitage BAA 8:09.06
Vinny Mulvey unattached 8:13.14
Jack Dwyer Reebok Boston 8:16.39
Ricardo Santos NYAC/Saucony 8:19.72
Kristopher Houghton U.S. Merchant Marine Academy 8:20.05
Mike Richardson BAA 8:22.88
Arthur Gilkes Reebok Boston 8:23.71
Dan Johnson BAA 8:24.59
Ryan Carrara GLRR 8:27.30
Chris Volante BAA 8:29.51
Peter Flynn Willow St AC 8:32.79
Paul Ryan Boston University 8:34.03
James Lander unattached 8:34.93
Eric Johnson unattached 8:35.48
Kevin Sullivan Westchester Puma 8:37.54
Michael Maloney GLRR 8:43.47
Justin Reid Westchester PUMA Track Club DNF
Ben Noad BAA DNS
  Brian Fulham Westchester Puma DNS


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